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Next time you are in need of some creative inspiration – and you and I both know that time will come – these websites (and perhaps another espresso) will give you your fix.

Design Crush

Design Crush is a blog authored by designer Kelly Beall and has everything from illustration and photography to recipes and even behind-the-scenes photos of the author’s home. Website:


I discovered this website the other day. As the name suggests, Trendland focuses on what is trending in the worlds of music, art, design, photography, technology, pop culture, advertising, and fashion. Website:

Cereal Magazine

Cereal Magazine is the magazine for minimalists. They have a print edition, which I have yet to order but their website is filled with beautiful photography that is sure to inspire. Website:

Brand New

This is a website that features the best in corporate and brand identity. I usually browse through the before-after logo designs – I don’t always get ideas this way but it is interesting to look at. Website:

Creative Market

I love Creative Market for two reasons. One: They have a great blog with some really helpful articles. (I also enjoy the design humour category.) Two: If you subscribe to the newsletter, you will receive freebies every Monday, which can include templates, fonts, Photoshop textures and other stuff. Website:

Typographic Posters

Poster design is something I can’t get enough of and I have discovered a website that features posters from designers all over the world, and nothing else. Do yourself a favour and spend some time on – I promise you won’t be disappointed. Website:

iJusi Magazine

iJusi (it means ‘juice’ in Zulu) is an independent South African magazine based in Durban and focused on South African design. They have been publishing one issue a year since 1995. You can view the full range of covers from over the years, as well as some digital samples of the content on their website:

Packaging of the World

As the name suggests, Packaging of the World features innovative and beautiful packaging designs from all over the world (including quite a few by South African designers). If you have a packaging obsession like me, you’ll want to add this site to your bookmarks. Website:

Austin Kleon

I have read and reread Austin Kleon’s book Steal Like an Artist. Needless to say, I highly recommend it for anyone who is (or wants to be) creative. His blog is great too and the weekly email newsletter is one of the few I find worth reading. Website:

Share Some Candy

For visual inspiration of any kind, visit It is a straight-forward blog with plenty of eye candy (hence the name) to browse through. Curated by experienced designers Reuben and Yael Miller. Website:

Quotes on Design

A simple site that brings up a new quote on design every time you click on the top-right button. What more do you need? Website:

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