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Zines have only been on my radar for a few months but they are no new thing. According to this Mental Floss article, zines have been around since the 1930’s. I had no idea. But I won’t go into the whole history of zines here – I just want to take a moment to talk about how awesome they are.

The whole idea behind a zine (pronounced zeen – short for magazine), is that they are small, self-published and can be about anything. You can buy zines at some independent bookstores and online – they are usually inexpensive, sometimes even free. They don’t cost a whole lot to make either – a typical zine is made with a photocopier and a stapler.

Etsy has plenty of zines, so I thought I’d feature a few that caught my eye but I might need to do another zine post in the future (there are just so many!).

David is Made of Stardust – David Bowie Zine

A zine for all the Bowie fans out there. Sold by Sophie McPike.

Embroidery Zine

This Etsy shop made a little how-to guide for learning embroidery. Sold by Colembroidery.

Things in Things – Illustrated Color Comic Art Zine

I love how zines can be filled with pointless information, yet still be interesting and entertaining. This one is sold by Erika Rier.

Dog House Zine

This one is a story, illustrated in black, white and red only. Sold by Zoe Bread.

87,000 Steps – Risograph Zine, Amsterdam Travel Comic

A zine about the author’s trip to Amsterdam. Sold by Kriski.

Jurassic Dark (Jurassic Park Blackout Poetry Zine)

The author of the Jurassic Dark zine took pages from the Michael Crichton novel and blacked out some of the words to make what is known as blackout poetry. Sold by Sparklebutch.

Inktober Art Zine 2017

Here is an art zine full of ink illustrations. Sold by SpycyShark.

A Guide to Being Just About Okay

In the author’s own words: “a zine about mental health, body image and coping with difficult emotions”. Sold by Dogsnotdiets.

A Zine About Making Zines

A zine that contains all you need to know about making zines. Sold by kriski.

Lists of Lists of Lists of Wikipedia

I can’t decide if this zine would be useful or not but I love it! Sold by AwkwardLadiesClub.

Dad Tweets – Mini Zine

Finally, this zine that is a compilation of dad tweets. Sold by AwkwardLadiesClub.

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