When You Don’t Have the Tools

It’s nice to have all the best gadgets and design software money can buy. But sometimes it’s good to take a step back from those things and allow the limitations to make you more creative.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (Illustrated)

In life, we wait for a lot of things – from standing in line at the supermarket to waiting for your next job opportunity. But do good things really come to those who wait? And at what point does waiting become a waste of time? (Note: This post is also available in zine format. Read on to find out more.)

A Closer Look at Woodstock’s Street Art

In April, we in South Africa celebrate not only democracy, but also freedom of expression. What better way to do that than to kick things off with Cape Town’s vibrant street art?

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Ugly Fonts #1

I once read that there are no bad fonts, only bad designers. I don’t really agree with that statement but I decided to put it to the test anyway.

Font Pairing: A Quick Guide

There is one important part of typography that has always eluded me and that is knowing which fonts to use together. Once I figured it out, though, it became a whole lot easier. Like most things, there are a few rules or guidelines that should be followed when you are pairing fonts – I’ve demonstrated…… Continue reading Font Pairing: A Quick Guide

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