Nelson Mandela’s Art

Did you know that Nelson Mandela was an artist? I didn’t, until I discovered the website where you can buy his art.

Franco Matticchio’s Cat Illustrations

I remember this book I read when I was a child. It was about a cat going about its day, staring out the window, drinking some milk and doing whatever it is that cats do. Now that I think about it, it sounds like the most boring children’s book ever.

A Closer Look at Woodstock’s Street Art

In April, we in South Africa celebrate not only democracy, but also freedom of expression. What better way to do that than to kick things off with Cape Town’s vibrant street art?

Gray Malin at the Parker

I was going to show you these aerial beach photos by photographer Gray Malin when I stumbled across something better.

Remember how you used to draw as a kid?

I do. And it was the easiest thing in the world. We tend to overthink things as adults, which is why it never occurs to most of us to just pick up a pen and start drawing.