This is what AI-generated art looks like

I think by now AI-generated art is on everyone’s radars, but yesterday I tried DALL-E for myself, and I have to say, even though I have been aware of this technology for a while, I was quite blown away by the results. For those of you who have yet to try it, you simply type in a prompt in your own words, and the AI will generate a few images based on what you typed.

Here are some of my favourites…

Prompt: “a still-life of a vintage computer in the style of johannes vermeer”

Prompt: “painting of a futuristic airplane in the style of monet”

Prompt: “90s sitcom character in the style of matisse”

Prompt: “portrait of nicholas cage in the style of van gogh”

Prompt: “pastel colour watercolour painting of a dr seuss world”

Prompt: “a picture of friendly bacteria in the style of dr seuss”

Prompt: “a dr seuss-style drawing of a 42-tiered yellow birthday cake on a pink background”

Prompt: “a cat in a bow-tie digital art”

Prompt: “room full of cats pencil and watercolour”

Prompt: “picture fast food stained glass window”

Prompt: “painting of a buffet cubism”

Prompt: “abstract art of a variety of tropical fish pencil and watercolour”

Prompt: “surrealist painting of a yacht in a pink sea”

I could go down this rabbit hole forever.

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