The Paradoxes of My Personality

I love change but I form habits easily.
I am a relaxed person who freaks out when a stressful situation comes.
I want to travel but I don’t feel like leaving my home.
I want to be a writer, an artist, a musician, a comedian, a scientist, a chef.
I know what I want but I keep changing my mind.
I like people who are just like me.
I like people who are nothing like me at all.
I follow the rules.
I break the rules.
I am organised.
I am messy.
I work hard.
I am lazy.
I do things ahead of time.
I procrastinate.
I like having nice clothes but I hate shopping.
I am quiet.
I am loud.
I am happy.
I am sad.
I don’t want to be alone but I love being by myself.
I am content but I want something more.
I know myself, but I don’t really know myself at all.

Here’s to all the walking paradoxes out there; to the people who break the mould:
You were not made to fit into a box.

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    1. Thanks so much Nabeela – yes, I think it is something that everyone deals with at some point. :)

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