A Closer Look at Woodstock’s Street Art

Happy April, everybody!

For those of you who don’t know, April is Freedom Month in South Africa and along with democracy, we also celebrate freedom of expression. And what better way to do that than to kick things off with Cape Town’s vibrant street art?

I recently took my camera to Woodstock to capture some of the city’s graffiti. Woodstock is not the only part of Cape Town that features street art, but there is so much to see just in that area, that I didn’t even need to go further. If you ever find yourself in Cape Town and you haven’t seen the street art, I urge you to see it – there is even a tour that you can take.

Before Woodstock became one of Cape Town’s hot spots, the area was notorious for crime and drugs and most people steered clear of it. Today it features a farmer’s market, trendy shops, restaurants (including the current top restaurant in South Africa), food trucks and more.

I love Woodstock because its transformation is greatly owed to an inflow of creativity. Almost no buildings are being torn down – you see the old with the new, which I think is part of Woodstock’s charm. The street art is a great reflection of this and even though I got quite a few photos, I didn’t even cover half of it.

Artists: BobD and Conform
Artist: Billy Biüy
Artist: Conform
Artist: Conform
Artist: Reks
Artist: Unknown
Artist: Falko (?)
Artist: Unknown
Artist: Chris MoyceConform
Artist: Chris Moyce (others unknown)
Artist: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Artist: The Bushman
Artist: Khosa (others unknown)
Artist: Dekor
Artist: Chek & Slate
Artist: Louis Masai
Artist: Side Street Studios
Artist: Unknown
Artist: Jack Fox
Artist: Unknown

(Note: These photos were all taken by me but feature other people’s art. I have tried my best to find and credit the artists but some remain unknown. If I have either featured your work or you know for sure who the artist is and I haven’t credited properly, please get in touch with me and I will fix it. Also, if you don’t want me to feature your work, please let me know and I will remove the image.)

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  1. Great article. I know the artist of the underwater girl and swimming elephant is Subizm. His a graffiti artist from Cape Town who started in the mid 90’s. His Instagram account is @subizm.

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