Eye Candy #4: Ordinary

ORDINARY is a magazine that takes ordinary objects (like plastic cutlery, a rubbish bag or a sponge) and sends them to artists who come up with something new and extra-ordinary. The result is a fine art photography magazine that makes you think of everyday objects in a whole new way.

Ordinary Magazine (image via It’s Nice That)
Issue #1 Cover
Artist: Mauricio Alejo
Artist: Thomas Nondh Jansen
Artist:Thomas Aangeenbrug
Artist: Thomas Mailaender
Issue #2 Cover
Artist: PUTPUT
Artist:Bianca Pilet
Artist: Mauricio Alejo
Issue #3 Cover
Artist: Lonneke van der Palen
Artist: PUTPUT
Artist: Annegien van Doorn
Artist: Slinkachu
Issue #4 Cover
Artist: Nicolas Haeni
Artist: Imke Ligthart
Artist: Mauricio Alejo
Artist: Kent Rogowski
Issue #5 Cover
Artist: Perrine Philomeen
Artist: Wyne Veen
Artist: Kelia Anne MacCluskey
Artist: Bompas & Parr
Issue #6 Cover
Artist: PUT PUT
Artist: Kostis Fokas
Artist: Mauricio Alejo
Artist: Simone Giara & Tzvi Capineri

You can buy the latest issue of ORDINARY Magazine here.

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