Eye Candy #1

We’re kicking off the month of February with a dose of pretty. Enjoy.

1. Sweets that look like pink tennis balls.

Image: Brittni Mehlhoff for Paper & Stitch Blog

2. A house full of balloons.

Image: Charles Pétillon via Trendland

3. A vintage pink scooter.

Image: First Dibs

4. This desirable rug.

Image: Lorenzo Gironi via Design Milk

5. A pink house.

Image: Mowielicious

6. A pool.

Image: Rich Stapleton via Cereal Magazine

7. All this yellow.

Image: Ninbra

8. A couple of bird portraits.

Image: Leila Jeffreys via AnOther
Image: Luke Stephenson via AnOther

9. Pretty photos of Death Valley.

Image: Jordan Sullivan via Design Crush

10. This outfit.

Image: Steve Marais via Superselected
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